Marcia Newman 

Career Coach & Executive Coach

Marcia Newman has over 20 years of experience in strategically maximizing performance, career coaching, and growing leaders through professional coaching, consulting, training and inspirational speaking. She is a master at finding innovative solutions to issues facing individuals. Asking the essential questions that lead people to find answers of intention and choice.

It is with this wealth of experience and enthusiasm that Marcia works with to bring her clients back to the “Why”. Her clients have included principal cardiologists, HR executives, bank senior partners, CEO’s, non-profits, salespersons and aspiring professionals in many different walks of life. She has more than 1200 coaching hours to her credit.

Marcia Newman, CPC, M.A. Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University B.A., General Studies, Indiana University, Certificate, Leadership Studies, Purdue’s School of Engineering/Technology OLS – Certified as a Servant-Leadership coach, trainer and facilitator Licensed Facilitator for the Coaching Clinic ICF

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