Six Simple Steps to Increasing Your Resume Visibility 

If you do a quick internet search right now on which jobs you should apply for you will find many different options, several of which will be job listing sites or online job boards, that are eager to accept your resume.

In these modern times, many hiring managers prefer to find employment opportunities through quick online searches. That’s good news for job seekers as there are thousands of Help Wanted Postings on many online job boards. Most of these job boards come in the form of websites, mobile apps, networking groups, and social media platforms.

Utilizing job boards allows job seekers to quickly find related job listings. However, it is also possible for you to get lost amidst a plethora of opportunities.

This may seem daunting at first, but we’ve broken it down for you in six simple steps.

Six Simple Steps to Increasing Your Resume Visibility

1. Make sure your resume is ATS ready

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are utilized by hiring managers and recruiters to find candidates that match their job descriptions. Some companies use sourcing programs like Fetcher and ARYA to filter job board databases to find the best candidates. When recruiters and employers make a request (either with specific key words or by a job posting description), the sourcing program will return search the job board databases and return the best potential candidates’ resumes. For them to find you they must use certain keywords that are in line with your skills in the job board database. This technology makes it very easy for hiring managers to locate and recruit candidates faster.

However, if your resume won’t pass through this AI-driven system then it won’t get into the hands of a recruiter. It does you absolutely no good to post your resume online if it is not ATS ready. You are wasting your time. It will not be seen by anyone in hiring positions.

It is therefore essential for you to have a well-crafted resume that will be picked up by AI’s from these online job boards. 

2. See what general job boards have job listings in your industry and desired location

Sites such as theladders.com, indeed.com, Linkedin.com, monster.com, and many more, cater to a large variety of job types and industries. Start a search for your desired job and see what comes up. If you’re not seeing the job you want then it’s time to move on to another board.

3. Find exclusive job boards designed specifically for your industry

Do some research and find the leading job board sites for your field or industry and especially those that cater to specific industries and positions. For example, some large professional conferences and organizations have their own job listings that frequently get posted to that community first or only that community. Joining those communities is also a great way to network and make new professional friendships.

4. Put your resume up everywhere it makes sense to

When you boost your visibility, you increase your odds of landing a job that suits your education, skills, and work experience.

While this may feel unnecessary there is a sound reason for it: just because your resume is up on a one or two online job board does not mean it’s being seen by every potential employer. In fact, different recruiters have different sites they prefer recruiting from (That’s why it’s important to do #2). The more online job boards you can put your resume up on the better!

Imagine this: you have just opened a new business and it happens to be located in an alley or off the beaten path. How are you going to let people know about your business?

Definitely through a whole lot of signs and posters. And for you to be able to market your business, you would hang your business’s poster on every corner. If it were possible, you would probably place those signs everywhere!

The same holds true for your resume. If you have only posted on one or two job boards then it is only visible to some companies, but by posting it on several job boards you are making yourself visible to a much larger pool of potential employers! The more recruiters who find you the more likely you are to find your desired job!

5. Consider using resume posting services

You want to increase your resume’s exposure, but finding, posting, and maintaining your resume on job boards can take a lot of time and effort. A great way to minimize your effort is to utilize a resume posting service. Through this technology, you can post your resume on popular job boards making it easy for recruiters to find you. It makes posting resumes a simple task and equally easy to make edits when the need arises.

6. Start applying for specific jobs

While posting your general resume for recruiters and hiring managers to find is an important step for creating visibility, it’s still important to apply for specific jobs that you are interested in. This ensures that the company you apply to gets your resume in their database and increases your chances of getting an interview.


As you go about your job search, posting your resume on as many relevant sites as possible increases your resume’s exposure. Increasing your resume’s exposure increases the likelihood of being found online in the shortest time possible. 

What are you waiting for? Start sharing your resume today so employers can find you!

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